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Most frequent questions and answers

Photovoltaic cells in your solar panel convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity.  The inverter takes this DC electricity and converts it into alternating current (AC) electricity, this is what you use to power your lights, appliances etc.  A utility meter measures the energy produced and the energy used.

Solar power provides clean energy and does not rely on fossil fuels.  Solar power is renewable as it is harvested from the sun.  With the rising cost of electricity, solar panels can save you a lot on your electric bill.

Cost of your solar panel system will depend on your unit consumption and the size of solar panel system you will require.  Our technician will be able to guide you as to the size of system you need to get installed and a free quote will be given.

Yes.  During the daytime, your solar panels produce electricity, excess units produced are sent to the national grid.  At night you can draw from the grid to power your house.

Upon site inspection, our technician will give an assessment.

Suggestions will be given by the technician during the site inspection.

Since apartments don’t usually have a roof, it may not be possible to install panels.  However, if you live on the top floor and you have access to the roof, you will have to contact your management committee to get approval first, then we can so a site inspection.

It’s a bit difficult to provide solar panels to power only a single room as the entire house will have one electricity meter.  That meter covers consumption for the entire house.  If solar panels are installed they will provide electricity to the entire house.  However, contact one of our technicians and we can see if there are solutions for you.

Unfortunately NO, since you are still connected to the national grid, if the power goes at the grid, you will also lose power.  However, technology is advancing and storage batteries are being manufactured where you can store the energy you produce and use it later.  Contact us for more details.

Once you have had your site inspection done, quotation and the necessary financial and legal paperwork sorted out, we will schedule you for installation.  Our team will come and take care of the installation for you.

Solar power has been around for decades now.  Over the years, technology has become more advanced.  Our partners are the leaders in the renewable energy field.  Their products have been tried and tested and are world renowned.

That depends on the size of the solar panel system you install and your usage.  Ideally if you choose a slightly bigger KW system you will be generating more electricity that you usually use, therefore you will get a drastic drop in the bill maybe even 100%.  Definitely you will be saving money on your electricity bill as long as your system is functioning properly.

The only time that your panels will not generate electricity is when there is no sun like at night or during an eclipse.  The sun rises and sets routinely, so it is a reliable source of energy.

Your solar panels will still function during these days , however the energy that they produce will not the same as on a clear day.

Currently you will still need to be connected to the national grid to facilitate your energy usage at night. However, we will be introducing  a solar battery facility which will allow you to connect your system directly to the battery eliminating your dependence on the national gird.  The units you produce during the daytime can be used and the excess stored in your battery for night and cloudy days.

No. The system uses your existing wiring.

Solar power is a renewable energy source, meaning that it is freely available.  Solar energy does not produce any pollution thereby reducing your carbon footprint.